Pre-Release Work on JACK & THE VERY PROPER NANNY Has Begun


Jack & the very proper nannypromoI haven’t created the blog for this fictional universe yet, but here is the very first promo image.  My plan is to finish as much as the pre-release work for this Contemporary Romance by the first week in June.  I’ll be too busy to promote during the summer, so I will release Jack & the Very Proper Nanny in September.


One of the best parts of being an Indie Author is I create my own yearly schedule.  I don’t need to wait on anyone or rush through and miss out on my regular life activities to meet a publisher’s deadline.  As it works out, I’m finding it best to release novels in January and September with free short stories to promote in between.

Here is the Blurb-


Jack wants to play a hero in the movies. Robin needs a real one.

Jack’s an overgrown schoolboy kind of actor who owns his house only because his mother invested his inheritance well. His puerile crush on Robin is instant, but she’s a dignified, professionally trained nanny. And married.

After Mom has a stroke, Jack’s friends attend an A-lister’s party instead. He’s rushed to the hospital by his director, Bobby Zhang, who turns out to be Robin’s honorary big brother. Life suddenly becomes clear. She peeks at Jack from the vending machine room but slips away.

Robin fell for Jack years before when he stopped shooting a scene to rescue a kitten from a dumpster. She was fearless back then, but also wanted a family. And he wasn’t qualified for the role of husband.
Robin is widowed. Jack is landed with a surprise bundle of joy. Bobby’s secret society recruits Robin to be Jack’s nanny. They charge him with protecting her in Australia while they investigate her husband’s death.

Jack finds Robin’s heart shrouded in grief, even as she lavishes love on his daughter. Learning to patiently bring her fierce heart back to life under the harsh light of public scrutiny, however, pales to the threat of a killer still on the loose.


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