April & May



April is just around the corner and I am unbelievably excited because this has been a long winter for the Lower 48.  Kinda typical for Alaska.  But, I don’t live there anymore, so kinda got sick of it.  Anyway…

My plans for April are to finish doing everything I can for Newblood & the Ice Princess, as well as this site.  I’ve come to understand as an Indie Author this is a marathon, not a sprint.  This is why I don’t complain about reviews being written months after a book is released.  For traditional publication, there’s buzz leading up and then hammer out the promo for about a month.  It’s a sprint to the end of a very big pond.  Not so in Indie Pub.  We’re in it for the long haul.

I’m devoting the month of May to doing everything to get Jack & the Very Proper Nanny ready for publication, all the pre-release and pre-promo stuff.  Like creating the cover art.

Because I’ll be going on adventures in the real world come June and I’ll only be checking in randomly.  I’ll do pre-scheduled book reviews, but it’s pretty much hit or miss until mid-August.  Can’t sufficiently promo a new release like that.

“I want to see mountains, Gandalf.  Mountains!  And then find a quiet place where I can finish my book.” – Bilbo Baggins


Much love.  Be kind. 😉