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Terpsichore has dreamed about becoming a pioneer like Laura Ingalls Wilder, and now, with only two days to pack, her family is joining 201 other families on the way to Alaska. Most of her family comes to love Alaska, but her mother misses life back in Wisconsin. What can Terpsichore do to convince her mother to stay? Inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Farmer Boy, she develops a plan that includes a giant pumpkin and a recipe for jellied moose nose.

This exciting pioneering story, based on actual events, introduces readers to a fascinating chapter of American history when one of FDR’s New Deal programs took over 200 families off welfare and transported them to Alaska to become self-sufficient farmers.


Kimber Li says I love anything Alaska!  Moved there decades ago to snag a husband, had a bunch of kids.  Alaska is awesome!  Miss it a lot.



About the Author

After careers as a children’s librarian, certified public accountant, and assistant library director, I retired early to do what I had always wanted to do: write. My first book, The Year We Were Famous, was based on the true story of my great-aunt’s 4,000-mile walk with her mother across the country in 1896.

My second book, Sweet Home Alaska, was inspired when my son bought a 1930’s house across from a potato field in Palmer, Alaska. Following my curiosity about the early days of Palmer, I eventually had a banker’s box full of notes, enough for a book.



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