Showcase: A PENNY SAVED by Joselyn Vaughn


Penny Pounds has never met a challenge she couldn’t plow straight through . . . until she starts forgetting things and misplacing items, causing her to worry that dementia is creeping into her brain. Recalling her mother’s similar descent and the burden as a caregiver, Penny’s solution is to snag a husband.

Ken Hayward, visiting to evaluate the flooding around the dam in Pine Bottom, is the first man she crosses off her list of potential mates. His no-nonsense attitude and ability to see beneath her motives threatens to ruin her perfect plans. He intends to finish his work before he gets swept up in any of Penny’s shenanigans.

When Penny breaks her ankle, her brother enlists a reluctant Ken as her primary caregiver. Ken soon learns the motives behind her husband hunt, and he must decide whether his heart will let him prevent her from walking down the aisle with the wrong man.


Kimber Li says getting into a relationship with ulterior motives is never a good idea and you’d think Penny would be old enough to know better.  But, it’s funny the mistakes we make when we’re scared.  ‘Funny’ is operative word here.



About the Author

I’m a stay at home mom who tries to squeeze writing in between potty training, referring temper tantrums and cleaning up after geriatric dogs.

In my free time, I enjoy reading books longer than 30 pages, running, reconstructing clothing, surfing Pinterest (well, that’s more of an addiction.) and shopping at thrift stores.


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