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Young James Lamport dreams of going to sea with his uncle Argo, who has just arrived back in London from one of his grand adventures.

At a family dinner, James’ father announces that James has been accepted into Oxford and has secured a position at the First National Bank of London upon his graduation. James pleads with Argo to let him tag along, but Argo refuses and instead gives James a mysterious substance called “pixie dust” thinking it will satisfy the boy’s whims.

Seething over the possibility of living the same boring life as his father, James stows away on his uncle’s ship, hoping for adventure on the high seas.

When James discovers the mysterious island of Gjaebyth and the origin of the pixie dust his uncle gifted him, he sets out on a journey to rid “The Never Land” of evil. But evil has a way of seeping in…



About the Author

Artie Sievers has been a lot of things: an actor, an Army medic, a carnival dunking booth operator, an arts administrator, a narrator, an author, and a composer. He received the 2017 KSF Artist of Choice Award for his musical The Goree All-Girl String Band. Artie also runs the super popular (read: vaguely known) Instagram account @catsatthemet, where he’s on a lifelong mission to find every single cat that appears at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He lives in what the Lenape once called “The Great Maize Land” with his two cats, one of whom is a real girl.

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Kimber Li says this one caught my eye because I’ve never seen a retelling of Peter Pan from Captain Hook’s point of view!  Very cool indeed.


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