I’m Expecting! A New Realistic Baby Doll


Good morning.  Back in the day whenever I was expecting a real baby I would groan that I wished it be delivered by FedEx.  Pushing and screaming is just no fun.  Totally worth it though.  I’ve enjoyed being a mommy more than anything else ever.

Anyway, my third Ashton Drake doll, which is my first boy realistic baby doll, is on his way and, bless his imaginary heart, he will be delivered by FedEx.  https://www.ashtondrake.com/products/302566001_linda-murray-lil-rascal-lifelike-baby.html

You can find a picture of his big sisters, Evangeline and Arianna, at the bottom of this site.  Hit that pic for a description of my doll collection.

I’ll let you know when he arrives.