Cover Reveal! NEWBLOOD & THE ICE PRINCESS by Kimber Li


Seriously, I wanted to book a Cover Reveal with one of the book tour companies I host for, like YA Bound Book Tours

YA Bound Tour Button But the logistics overwhelmed me.  I’m a total newbie at this Indie Pub thing.  That’s why I decided to start with one of my oldest books.  I’m extremely familiar with this story!  It’s been kicking around in my imagination for about a decade.  Anyway, I’ll be a lot more prepared for the launch of my next Indie Pub.

NEWBLOOD & THE ICE PRINCESS is a massively revised version of my first ePublished novel.  I obtained all my rights to this novel, as well as my others, and have the letter on file.  I also changed my pen name, but only slightly.

the queen of the borean realmtweet


I’ll keep you posted as this novel begins to appear for sale in the online book shops.

For my fellow storytellers, I bought the images for the cover and promo from Dreamstime   and used Canva  to create them.  After extensive research and a lot of hard-thinking about my goals I decided to go with Draft2Digital  for publication and distribution.

Yeah, this is scary, but it’s also a whole heck of lot of fun.  I can’t imagine ever doing it any other way now.  I know Indie Pub isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy the process, like I do, I’d say it’s definitely worth the sheer terror.


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