Books I’ve Read But Have No Time to Review

This happens sometimes.  I read books to review and they pile up waiting because I run out of time.  But, I don’t want you to miss out.  So here are a couple of good ones.


SURROGATE ESCAPE is a Harlequin Intrigue novel by Jenna Kernan.  I don’t remember ever reading from that imprint before.  My favorite suspense at that publisher is Love Inspired Suspense.  The other two imprints in that subgenre tend to be mostly populated by Alpha Clones and Kick-Butt Knock-Offs.  Not this one.  You get the suspense, a beautiful baby, and two relatable individuals developing a relationship in a believable way, plus Native American culture, present day.  Nice.  Don’t miss it.

ORPHAN TRAIN SWEETHEART again features relatable characters in a believable relationship, plus children.  You know how I love babies!  Also, the Old West goes way back for me.


The nice thing about Sweet Romance is the story is not overwhelmed by raging hormones.  You get a stronger sense of emotional depth and soul-searching growth.

Remember to buy new direct from a publisher, if you can.  This is how the author makes the most royalty which tells the publisher it needs to keep publishing that author’s stories.  This is how you get more stories you love.