Adding to my Doll Collection


Good morning!  I just know you’re crazy to know what I’m doing in between book tours and so I’ll tell you.  I’m getting ready for my big yearly doll purchase.  I like to do this after Christmas so that the doll arrives in January because I can really used the cheering up during that dark month.

P.S. The doll pictured above, Precious in Pearls, is retired at Ashton Drake Galleries, but I can still find her on secondary markets like eBay.  If I decide she’s the one.  Ashton Drake

This year’s doll is a bit tricky.  This year I am getting a boy doll and the fact is most dolls at my favorite doll company are girls.  So it is quite likely I will need to change the gender.  This is usually not difficult, unless it is anatomically correct.  It’s the face that sells me, which means the artist’s sculpt.  I’m pretty set on Linda Murray for this doll and she is so popular that her best sculpts are used repeatedly for both male and female dolls at Ashton Drake Galleries.

Linda Murray also creates doll kits for reborn artists, but I’m not ready for that level of realism. Linda Murray’s Cradle Kits

My Ashton Drake Collection represents my real babies.  They don’t look like them, but remind me of them in some way.  That is also why I’m only ordering these dolls from Ashton Drake.

Paradise Galleries is another wonderful realistic baby doll company.  I plan to order my rainbow babies from them because they do such an excellent job with non-Caucasion dolls.  Check out this little beauty-   Kione at Paradise Galleries


Yes, I always receive dolls for Christmas.  My beautiful, wonderful stepmother made fabric dolls for me like she did when I was a little girl.  I asked for one and she gave me two, plus clothes and a bag to keep them in.

My plan is to start a YouTube Channel soon, which will feature my doll collection, as well as my book trailers.  I love the doll featured in this video from one of my favorite channels, All4Reborn.  She’s also a retired doll, but you can find her on a secondary site-


I’ll let you know which doll I decide on.  I’ll do a box opening to launch my YouTube Channel.  Hope your New Year is Happy!