I created a sister blog a while back in which to showcase the fictional universe for Newblood & the Ice Princess.  My imagination tends to create stories in fictional universes, rather than in a series or a trilogy or whatever.  I have other ones for my Contemporary and Historicals too.

There are two stories on that blog right now.  One is a Christmas one from Bianca’s point of view.  The other one is a revised version of a previously ePublished novella I retitled The Finding of the Ice Princess.  It is a prequel to Newblood & the Ice Princess.  I really struggled with the first version and decided to release the revised version as a FREE blog story.  Prequels are hard to write after the fact.  Just ask George Lucas.

I’m going through this story again, and this time I’ll add more images to illustrate because I know how to do that better now.  They’ll be Public Domain.  Also, I have the Reversal of Rights letter on file for the story.

The chapters for the novella are on the right sidebar.

The Finding of the Ice Princess