Review: MUST LOVE BABIES by Lynette Austin


To begin with, Brant Wylder is just your average young hot guy waiting for Charles Darwin to drop the metaphoric axe between who dies of stupidity and who gets to pass on his genes.

That was never enough to get my attention back in the day, even if he threw in an incredible vintage car.  I always knew babies were essential to my own Happily Ever After and I wasn’t taking any chances.

The dude I fell for needed to be brave enough to change his share of the poopy diapers.  There are ways to figure that out in advance, like if the guy is gentle and caring to small helpless creatures.

But, some guys you just don’t know until they’re handed a shrieking infant with a full diaper.

Brant gets the hots for Molly Stiles at a wedding and narrowly misses Darwin’s axe by taking a call that his sister’s been in a terrible drunk driving accident.  He charges to the rescue and gets handed a surprise bundle of joy, his nephew, Jax.

Time to man up.

Brant’s sister survived, but she’s in bad shape.  And she was the drunk. He stays with her and learns how to change diapers.  Meanwhile, his family clamors with the drama, but they’re held up elsewhere.  His mom’s really sick and his dad won’t leave her, for example.  So this guy’s got a family history of love and devotion.  That’s a promising indicator he’s capable of a Happily Ever After, a rare and wonderful thing in the world today.

Factoid: Hot Nookie cannot magically transform a selfish jerk into a faithful mate.  (Sorry to burst that bubble)  The dude’s got to show promise before he hits the sheets.

Meanwhile, Molly’s wondering what the heck is going on with Romeo.  She likes him, but she is kinda busy building her career and has zero experience with babies.

Totally could not relate to Molly.  I’ve been baby-crazy since I was out of diapers myself.  Heck, my career was babies right up until I started having my own!

Nevertheless, Molly is drawn to Brant and admires him manning up for his relapsed sister and adorable baby nephew.  She’s got the instincts and the desire.  They’ve just been buried under her list of life goals, scheduled practically to the minute.  Boy, is she in for it with a baby!

Guess it’s time to woman up too.  And I don’t care if that sounds sexist ’cause goshdarnit I love babies.

Seriously though a lot of chicks haven’t got a clue what real love looks like or what constitutes good husband material.

Speaking of which…

Brant finds out from his sister that she was out searching for the no-good sperm donor who sired her offspring.  (Psst, it takes a real man to be a dad.)  That twerp took off with yet another bimbo and Brant wonders how in the name of all that is sacred his sister could still be pining for that idiot.  Yeah, me, too. –

So, Brant and Molly are getting to know each other and all and he asks her to chat with Lainie.  Wants to know the dirt so he can try to help clean up her mess and thinks his sister might open up to another woman.

The Mess shows up to the hospital right about the same time they do in the form of Lainie’s ex-idiot.  The sperm donor threatens to take Jax away and it’s all Brant can do to not clobber the crap out of him.  The Ex moves for Jax and something comes to life in Molly, the most primal of maternal instincts, the one to protect.

Well, that oughta put her over the top.

Brant is wonderfully and realistically portrayed with his paternal instincts kicking in and his daddy skills coming online.  Jax is also a real character in the story, not just cute luggage to sell the book.

If you love babies, like me, this book might be a good match for you too.

I received this Advanced Reader’s Copy from Sourcebooks by way of Netgalley.