Review: ROCKY MOUNTAIN SABOTAGE by Jill Elizabeth Nelson


The funny thing is I don’t write Romantic Suspense, but I keep reading it.  Now, people who read my Contemporary Romance say it reads like Romantic Suspense.  Go figure.

Particularly,  I like Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense.  That imprint has the best variety of characters, themes, and believable relationships of all the publishers and imprints I’ve read for Romantic Suspense.  I also read cozy mysteries.  Anyway…

I prefer a vast buffet of stories.

The Hero of Rocky Mountain Sabotage is not a billionaire vampire prince.  He is a pilot with a code of honor and a well-developed sense of responsibility.  And I bet ya he’d change his share of poopy diapers too.

So when his charter jet goes down while he’s flying a bunch of corporate fussbudgets over the Rocky Mountains, he’s understandable perturbed.

The chief suspect is his own co-pilot.  She was the only one with access to the means to sabotage his plane as well as the only parachute, which happened to be designed for two people.

But, she dies.

Kent manages to land the plane with minimal injuries, but his co-pilot is severely injured and she dies later.

Lauren is not your average kick-butt heroine either.  She’s a physician’s assistant who keeps her head in a crisis by staying focused on saving others, especially her matchmaking mother.  She’s not crazy about her mom trying to set her up with every eligible guy.  After all, what could Mom know about what constitutes good husband potential?  She married Dad who turned out to be a self-absorbed jerk.  Then, she married this other dude she’s not crazy about either.  Mom’s track record with guys is not spectacular.

Nevertheless, Kent and Lauren are the most able-bodied survivors to try protect and provide for the others while they await rescue in the old abandoned mining town in the middle of nowhere.

And while they try to discover who deliberately downed the plane.

Because…after the prime suspect kicks the bucket.

People keep dying.

So, they need to find out who to stop long enough for someone to realize they’re lost and then to come find them.  Who could it be?  One of the corporate shmucks on board who thought he could survive bailing with the co-pilot?  A crazy local?  Or maybe Lauren’s step-dad or someone who hates him?

I loved the whole surviving in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of helpless city-slickers.

I mean, seriously, bring on the zombies!  Okay, maybe not zombies.

The writing is edge-of-your-seat suspenseful, literally during the plane wreck.  The characters come to life and do not fall into the stereotype trap.

The romantic relationship develops in a believable manner for a survival situation, no need to jump into the nearest bush for a quickie to prove it.

Yes, this is Inspirational Romance, but there’s not a sermon in sight.  So don’t let that make you miss out on a great story.

And this is a great story.


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