Yard Sale Dolls

I was feeling especially sad because, well, my mother passed away a few weeks ago.  My husband, being awesome, took me yard sailing to cheer me up and I found a few wonderful dolls.


I don’t deliberately collect porcelain dolls.  I’m more into realistic baby dolls right now, particularly Ashton Drake.  https://www.ashtondrake.com/


But, if I stumble upon a beautiful porcelain at a fantastic price, I can’t say no.  The thing is when a doll collector parts with dolls she wants them going to another collector who will love them just as much, so I tend to get very good deals. I also found several really old plushies.


This doll is actually a porcelain doll by Ashton Drake, over twenty years old.  She was new in the box, but it doesn’t matter.  I never sell or trade my dolls.  Doesn’t matter to me if they’re damaged or whatever.  It only matters if I like them.


So I put ‘Sugar Plum’ by Deanna Effner in a Baby Alive! diaper and preemie jammies and she now sits on my youngest daughter’s shelf.  We’ll see if that daughter understands that certain dolls are not to be played with.  I think she’s ready.  https://babyalive.hasbro.com/en-us

Here is an original ad for Sugar Plum-   http://magazinesadsandbooks.com/Magazine-Ad-for-Sugar-Plum-Doll-Tu-Tu-Cute-Ashton-Drake-Galleries-1993-P2455213.aspx

On an end note, I inherited my mother’s doll.


He’s the ‘Froggy Fun Boy’ from Adora Dolls.  He’s a retired doll, but you can still find him on secondary sites, like eBay.  You can find new Adora dolls at Paradise Galleries- https://www.paradisegalleries.com/search?type=product&q=adora

Here’s a video of Froggy Fun Boy-   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P_0y9A75-o