New Release Showcase -Harlequin

*By ‘Showcase,’ I mean these look like great books, based on my considerable experience with great books.  However, I have not read them yet.  A publisher may or may not get its own post.*

lgcover_9780373299522I’m definitely getting this one.  I’ve read and reviewed for this author before and I know she can deliver the goods.

lgcover_9780373425471This one caught my eye because it reminded me of how babies used to be delivered in the mail a hundred years ago.  Not kidding.  Google it.  Not sure if that’s the case with this story., I’m just a sucker for a gorgeous Historical Romance book cover, but this author has a great reputation too.

lgcover_9780373623822The Heroine is used to dishing it out and not taking it, or so I’ve heard.

And this one caught my eye because the Hero is a mechanic, not a billionaire.  How rare is that in the Romance genre?