Tweeking the Blog Schedule

The smart ones say we should focus in our blogging.  Well…I try.  Really.  It’s just I have so many interests and am so easily distracted.



Anyway…I miss talking about Alaska, but I also love the Old West.  I love my book reviews, but want to draw attention to books I like that I don’t think get enough attention.  I love Star Trek.  (((sigh)))  And I need one day off a week.  So, here’s what I got at this point-

Sunday – My Vintage Heart.  This will cover charitable organizations, campaigns for kindness, encouragement for everyone, caring for our seniors, loving our babies, cooking (but not cleaning, yuck,) crafting, and the holidays.

Monday – Star Trek Discovery.  This will be my thoughts on the show which airs new the night before, Sundays, as well as anything else Trekkie and you know I got plenty.

Tuesday –   Off Blog

7583915360_IMG_0070Wednesday –   The Resurrected Stork Babies & Baby Dolls.  This is about realistic baby doll collecting and also real babies, because I love babies.

Thursday –   Hippity-Hoppity Book Tours.   Blogging tours I host for four other sites.

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Friday –   Alaska & the Wild West.  Basically, this covers anything related to Alaska.  And the Wild West.  So…John Wayne, fishing for King Salmon, reality shows about surviving on the Final Frontier.

Saturday – Cowboy Baby Book Reviews.  This will cover my favorite books with special emphasis on small towns, sprawling ranches, and lots and lots of babies.  ‘Cause I like babies.  Just in case you didn’t know.  Which you probably did.