Doing Your Homework



It’s been said that being an author is like assigning yourself tough homework every day for the rest of your life.  Yeah.  That’s pretty much it.  I love research though.  I think most writers are insatiably curious.  Never go up against an author in a game of Trivial Pursuit.  We’re virtual storehouses of otherwise useless information!  We will win.  Always.

Anyway, the thing is I’m in Research & Revise Mode for one of my stories.  This business is constantly changing.  So, you have to do your homework.  And then you have to do the same homework again.

For example, ten years ago I held Cyber-Launch Parties for my favorite authors on my old book review blog.  Now, an author can hire a blog tour company to do the same thing, only a bazillion times bigger and better.  I’m a Tour Host for four of them, in fact.


Another example is Indie Pub.  An author can do anything the average ePublisher can do now, so why should she even bother?  Well, it depends on your priorities, personal expertise, and funds.

I’ve received tons of feedback from my Critique Partners and am ready to roll.


Writing is never a get-rich-quick scheme.  You need almost as patience with writing as you do parenting.

Write, Edit, Repeat.


P.S. At the moment, I’m at this point:   “When laying out a story always ask: What does the hero want, and what’s stopping him from getting it?” Blake Snyder

The Hero wants to live happily ever after with Heroine and their children.  Simple, right?  The Heroine is very smart and she has a whole secret society of best friends going to bat for her.  Why would she need the Hero’s help?  Well, the Villain’s got to be even more powerful and, then, somehow the Hero’s got to win the day anyway.  Otherwise, the story falls flat.  Much brainstorming in the forecast.