My Favorite Reborn Doll Collectors on YouTube


YouTube is the best place to find out about this hobby of collecting realistic baby dolls.

This cover art is from an eBook, which you can buy at this link-

The first thing to know is not all realistic dolls are Reborns.  A reborn is a doll which has been created or recreated by hand by an individual artist to look as real as possible.  They’re full or partial vinyl with fabric bodies.  There are also Silicone Dolls, which are the ultimate in realism.  And then there are factory-made realistic baby dolls, like my Evangeline who is the ‘A Moment in My Arms, Forever in My Heart’ doll from Ashton Drake Galleries.


Like any hobby, you’ll meet the purists who will get annoyed if you call a factory-made doll a Reborn.  Most of us don’t care, so long as a doll makes you happy.

And then there are a few hateful people who use the Comment section to vent their negative energy, as if that could solve anything.  Sadly, you’ll find people like that all over the Internet, because they don’t have to worry about getting punched in the face for being selfish jackasses.  The rest of us have internal controls called ethics and good manners.

Anyway, here are my favorite collectors linked to my favorite episode from each Channel-

Kelsey’s Cradle-



DollieLovex3 (this was my very first YouTube introduction to Reborns!) –


There are many more!  I think my favorite episodes are the nursery tours and doll collection introductions.  Just looking at these baby dolls cheers me up.

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. I’ve thought about having a YouTube Channel, but I’m more of a writer actually.


  1. Mara says:

    A very well written article and I’ve seen you took the time to do your research before speaking on the topic..kudos to you! That is what good writing is all about. It is amazing how things work out..only prior to reading your comment I received the LONGEST most hateful drawn out comment that I’ve seen on my channel in a long time. It is one of those days where I just can’t take it, and I decided to comment back. I am not a rude or disrespectful person, but if someone took the time to leave such negativity on my channel, than it is my right to respond no matter what they approach is. Anyway, your sweet comment and blog post link following that ordeal has quite changed my mood around. I really shouldn’t let those non-factor people outshine the THOUSANDS (and I mean that, literally) of people who love and enjoy watching my videos and actually take the time to get to know me personally. So, thank you thank THANK YOU!


  2. Kimber Li says:

    You’re welcome! I’m so glad I could help you feel better. That’s the main reason we collect these beautiful dolls and hang out with other people that share that love and joy. It’s a sweet, wonderful thing to do in a world where too often we run into hatefulness. Your channel was my first introduction to Reborns and realistic baby dolls and I’ll always appreciate that.

    For those who don’t know, Mara is DollieLovex3, and she has a blog too. Pop over and Follow.


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