Star Trek Babies: Spock & the Power of a Mother’s Love


Baby Spock appears in one of the original series’ movies too, but it’s my least favorite one.  So, I’d rather not talk about it.  I’m not a huge fan of the new Star Trek movies, because they seem more space action than original Gene Roddenberry vision.  But, I do respect them, of course.  And I did love the very first one, as it showed two of the most legendary characters as babies, Kirk and Spock.

Besides seeing one of our wisest, most logical characters as an adorable baby, inarguably one of the best reasons to love Baby Spock is the fact that he is half human, half Vulcan.  This was portrayed beautifully in his birth scene with Winona Ryder portraying his mother, Amanda.  She’s a human female alone among Vulcans on a strange, desert planet.  Her birth attendants do not understand her tears of joy.

This struck me as incredibly brave.

Even Amanda’s husband is bewildered.


I hate when characters who portray mothers are disregarded as ‘only mothers.’  Obviously, people who do that have absolutely no comprehension how extraordinary the experience.

Love is the root of true courage.

A person must gather all the bravery he or she can to be the very best parent they can be.  Can you imagine doing that among aliens on an alien world?  Incredible!  And beautiful.  Much is made of Spock’s relationship with his father and rightly so.  But, I believe his strength and courage came from his mother.  I love what his mother said to him when he was setting out in the world, finally a grown man.

“No matter what path you choose in life, you will always have a proud mother.”

I say that to my own offspring as much as possible.  The unconditional love of a parent is one of the most powerful forces in the universe in any time period.

Live long and prosper.


Here is a clip of the Baby Spock from the 2009 movie-

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P.S. I jumped from the Original Series to that cast of characters’ movies because ‘Friday’s Child’ was the only episode with a humanoid infant in it, although there are several with older children.