Blogging Book Tours

They’re Book Tours…on blogs.  Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.

Banner - A Priceless Find

If you’re a new book reviewer, this is a great way to get going.  You’ll learn the ropes and drive traffic to your new blog.  And they’re fun.


If you’re an author, I suggest researching each carefully.  Look for one which tours books similar to yours or they tour to a readership you want to snag.  High traffic is nice, but not if it goes by readers who aren’t interested in your kind of book.  Then, it’s just a waste of promo money.


I like Host for several different Blog Tour sites because my interests are so wide.  If I stuck with one, I’d get bored and stop.  I prefer a reading buffet.  I belong to three at the moment and the above images are for tours on their sites.  Here are their links-


Tour Host Button


Happy Blog Hopping!

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