Feeling Crafty

Crafting is even more fun with you make something with children based on their favorite books-   http://www.virtualbookclubforkids.com/10-book-inspired-fall-crafts-and-activities/10-lois-ehlert-fall-crafts-and-activitiesAutumn is finally here!  Oh, my gosh, I don’t know about you all, but I was so sick of summer.  To start with, I’m an Arctic Princess.  I don’t like the heat.  You can keep your beaches and palm trees.  Seriously.  To make matters worse though, we always get lots of wildfires here in the Pacific Northwest.  Since my mommy still lives out in the boonies, that really freaks me out.  Thank God that’s all over with and leaves are turning yellow, orange, and red.  Time to get crafty!CpbwU-iUkAA9CBAI love the holiday season.  I’m a Crazy Christmas Person.  Makes me want to craft and bake winterize the chicken coop and decorate the house.  My favorite place to help with that is Joann Fabrics and Crafts.  My beautiful stepmother hooked me on this place back when she really got me going with sewing and such.  At one point, I lived in walking distance to Joann’s and I spent a lot of time, and money, there!  Helped that a bookstore was only a couple of doors down too.  I miss that.  Anyway, I suggest you pop over there and check ’em out-  http://www.joann.com/

Also, Joann’s YouTube Channel is fantastic too.  https://www.youtube.com/user/Joanndotcom


Now I must research.  Pioneer Woman has some great stuff out right now, gets me going with lots of ideas.  Happy Sunday, all.