Star Trek Babies: “Friday’s Child”

Original Series, Season 2, Episode 11


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“Ootchie-wootchie-cootchie-coo.” – Dr. McCoy

“‘Ootchie-wootchie-cootchie-coo,’ Captain?” Mr. Spock

“An obscure Earth dialect…”  – Captain Kirk

Never underestimate the power of a newborn baby to scare the living daylights out of a grown man.  Or a Vulcan.  I love how hesitant Mr. Spock was to hold the baby.  It illustrates that fear of babies has to do with a lack of experience with them.


This is my first post in my new topic, ‘Fabulous Fictional Infants.’  I’m starting with Star Trek in honor of its new television series launching tomorrow, Star Trek Discovery.


(That’s Michelle Yeoh in the Captain’s Chair!)

I hope they remember to include babies in the new series, because one of the universal and timeless of all human experiences is falling in love and starting a family.  Gene Roddenberry, creator of the franchise, recognized this.  I’ll dig up his quote by the time I post the first Next Gen episode, which will be “The Child,” I believe.  I loved that the new movies included Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock as babies, as well as Mr. Sulu and his family.

But, I digress.

In “Friday’s Child” the Enterprise arrives to an alien world to negotiate mining rights with the Capellans.  The Klingons are competing for those rights and struggle with respecting local customs.  During the conflict, the High Teer is killed.  His second-in-command seizes control and tries to kill the Teer’s pregnant wife, to prevent her unborn son from succeeding.  Captain Kirk breaks a local custom by trying to help her and all heck breaks loose.

Eleen, the Teer’s young pregnant wife, expects to die, but goes along with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy in order to live.  She doesn’t want the baby, because she didn’t love the old, ugly Teer she was made to marry.  Of course, Eleen goes into labor and it’s up to Dr. McCoy to help her learn to love and accept her baby, as well as deliver him when the time comes.  Meanwhile, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock deal with the Klingon and the Capellans.  Just in case you’ve never seen it, I won’t spoil the ending for you.  If you want a summary, click on the Memory-Alpha link under the top picture.


I’ve watched this episode a bazillian times.  It’s great on several levels, like the efforts to respect local customs while negotiating, rather than just charging in and taking over.  My favorite part is the baby, of course.  Not all babies come into this universe wanted and loved by both parents, and not all parents love each other either.  Nevertheless, a fierce single parent and a determined caregiver can make all the difference in the life of a child.  And our universe is made a better place.

Eleen:  “Here, child belong to husband.”

Dr. McCoy:  “So they take credit for that here.  Poppycock!”

The ending is wonderful and I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

You can find Star Trek the Original Series on Netflix and CBS, as well as for purchase through Amazon and other online stores.  You can also check out DVDs from most public libraries in the United States.