Star Trek Babies


I’m determined to have this blog renovation complete by Saturday so I can start posting about Star Trek Babies in honor of the premier of Star Trek Discovery on Sunday.  Yeah, long sentence but I’m kinda excited, okay?


(((Squeee!  That’s Michelle Yeoh in the Captain’s Chair!  I’m so happy I could weep.)))

I come from a multi-generational Trekkie family and I’m also baby-crazy and I like to write blot posts.  It’s the classic triple-thread, right?

As you can see to the right, I’ll be posting every Saturday about ‘Fabulous Fictional Infants,’ you know, like Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived.  But, I’m starting with every baby I can find in the Star Trek Universe in honor of the new television series.  If you want a head start, pop over Netflix or your favorite source for Star Trek the original series and watch the Season 2, Episode 11, ‘Friday’s Child.’


I believe this is the first Star Trek baby ever, but feel free to correct me.  I will be doing my homework, but the franchise has been going for 51 years now.  I’m bound to miss something once in a while.

Live Long and Prosper.  🙂

Michelle Yeoh!  I’m so happy.