World War Z

I wrote a great book review for this one by Max Brooks, but I lost it.  Sorry.


Suffice it to say, this is a great book to read when watching the News makes you crazy.  When you’re finished, watch the movie version.  It bears little resemblance to the book, which is much better, of course.  However, Brad Pitt was awesome in this one and I was never a Brad Pitt fan before.

You should be thoroughly freaked out by that point.  So, get the ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE, which preceded WORLD WAR Z.


After you’ve dug your bunker, watch ZOMBIELAND to have a good laugh about it all.


Then, put all that aside and watch something which makes you happy, like MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL does for me.  ‘Cause you’re really gonna need it by then.


Much love.

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