Comparing Ashton Drake’s Claire & Bunny Hugs


My husband is surprising me with a new Ashton Drake doll for Christmas!  (Marriage Tip #1: Just tell your spouse what you want ;))  Buying a collectable doll is not an impulsive decision.  They are not cheap and I keep mine forever.  I never trade or sell my dolls.  I cuddle them, change them into pretty often heirloom clothes, and get emotionally attached.

I originally wanted the Bunny Hugs doll, which is pictured above and linked here-

Two-dimensional pictures do not show the realism and details, so check out this YouTube box opening for that-

But, then, I noticed how much she resembles the doll, Claire.  This was because they are both Linda Murray dolls.  I wanted my new doll to have the same artist as my Evangeline, so they look like sisters-



My Evangeline is the one with the yellow bow.  The one in purple is Serena, my daughter’s doll and another Ashton Drake.

The other two dolls are from JC Toys.

So here is Claire, a partial silicone doll.  Note the resemblance?


And here is her YouTube box opening-

It’s a long decision process for me.  I’m very emotional about my dolls.  There’s another one I love called Penelope, but she has closed eyes.  I can’t own closed-eyed dolls.  They make think of deceased infants.

Dolls are meant to bring joy, so I’d better stick with that. 😉

At the moment, I’m leaning towards Claire, because she seems so cuddly.  🙂