Doll Artists…

0301811001…are like authors.  You quickly find your favorites, though you might love a lot of them.  I am amazed by a lot of dolls, but I would not own most of them.  Why?  Well, I have favorite books that I must always have on hand and near me, because I love them so much.  And the others I don’t.  Same thing.  Like books, if you find a doll you love there’s a good chance the artist will have more dolls you love.  Or she might be associated with another artists you’ll love too.  You’ll quickly learn to recognize a doll as being created by a certain artist, just like you’d know a random story snippet by a favorite author.  Collectible dolls are expensive, so you don’t want to buy one impulsively.  Take your time.  Linda Murray is my favorite doll artist.  She created the sculpt for my Evangeline, also known as “A Moment in My Arms, Forever in My Heart” by Ashton Drake.


Linda Murray –

Ashton Drake –

I love Reborn dolls, but I’m not emotionally ready to own one yet.  They’re too realistic for me and make me think of deceased infants.  One day I may mature beyond that though.  Here’s a link if you want to know more about them-


Why am I thinking about this right now?  Well, I’ve ordered one of my daughter’s her first Ashton Drake doll.  Although she insists this is what she wants, I suspect I may still be more excited than her.