Debutant Authors

magiclost_cover_fullsizeAll of my Enduring Authors were debut authors once upon a time.  This cover art is from Lisa Shearin’s debut novel.

I’ve had such fun with my Enduring Authors that I would like to feature Debut Authors weekly too.  I remember my debut novel back in 2010, very exciting.  I’d gleaned so many promo ideas as a book reviewer.  Of course, things have changed a lot since then.  Now, a blog tour company can do most everything for you…for a price.  I can do most of what they do…for free.

I cannot create graphics for you.

I do not have any tour hosts.  It’s just me here.

Every Debutant Author will be expected to send a guest post on his or her journey to publication and what they learned along the way.

I can do Cover Reveals, Showcases (cover, blurb, and links,) Interviews, and Excerpts.  I can share all these on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

I can also Review your book, if I like it.  I don’t have time to read books I don’t like.  Sorry.  I understand tastes are subjective, so I don’t need to like your book to feature you as a Debutant Author.

However, I won’t feature Erotica, Erotic Romance, or Horror that relies on blood and violence for appeal.  Nothing personal.  It’s just my imagination is vivid enough, thanks.  I also won’t feature books in which a child is deliberately harmed on the page or a nanny is portrayed as anything other than a committed professional or the Hero is a selfish jackass and I’m expected to believe he’ll be magically transformed into a faithful partner by great sex.  Personal pet peeves.

I reserve the right to decline any book without explanation.

I’ll post about one Debutant Author once a week, first come first serve.

And I’ll keep you posted on this developing feature, because it’s entirely possible I won’t have any takers.  If you’re on the fence, I would just remind you of this Pearl of Wisdom:

No one can buy your book if he or she does not know it exists.


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