A Doll for Christmas

bunnyhugs.jpgI have a book to review for you.  It’s romantic suspense.  And it’s around here somewhere, I just know it.  Tiny little thing.  I will find it.  Promise.

Until I do, I just wanted to show you the doll I’m getting for Christmas.  I’m a collector, you know.  I’m going to name her ‘Merrily,’ as in ‘Merrily, merrily, Christmas bells are ringing.’  http://www.ashtondrake.com/products/302114001_linda-murray-baby-doll-with-plush.html?searchTerm=bunny+hugs&N=9047&canonicalUrl=%2Fsearch%2Fbunny%2Bhugs.html

I always *strongly recommend* that you watch a YouTube video of any doll you order that you cannot see in real life.  This is because a doll is a *three-dimensional* art form, a sculpture.  What she looks like in real life will be very different from what she looks like in a *two-dimensional* picture.  You can see the Bunny Hugs doll’s face at about 2:00 minutes into the following video.  It’s always the face which sells me.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pc3wQ8vSDls&t=148s

At the moment, I have Evangeline who is a ‘Moment in My Arms, Forever in My Heart’ doll.  I have a JC Toys doll my mother gave me, but I don’t have her picture and I still need to do some restoration work on her.  I also have a Chatty Cathy doll who is over fifty years old who needs to be completely restored.  This is Evangeline and her link is below the picture.



By the way, I have a story in the works based on the true story of how my mother-in-law escaped East Germany after World War II.  She was a little girl at the time and lost her beloved doll in the process.