Getting Your Book Reviewed

nayu's reading corner header pink textIt’s essential.  The best way to sell your book is for one reader to tell another it’s fantastic.  Your publisher might be on NetGalley and you may book a blog tour which includes offering your book to be reviewed.  But, there’s one best way to get your book reviewed.


Yep.  Make up a list of book reviewers, read their policies carefully.  Write a very nice form email, personalize it for each reviewer, and ask.  Kind of like your Query Letter.  Still got that, right?  Use the reviewer’s real name and spell it correctly, because that shows you care.

There are plenty of big review blogs, but that’s not good enough, goshdarnit.  You’re going to write a list of blogging book reviewers and you’re gonna spend a whole day writing each one and very nicely asking pretty please.

The featured book reviewer, Nayuleska, has been around for years.  She reviewed my previously ePublished novels, in fact.  If you pop over to her blog, you can do a search for her review of my very first novel, Sugar Rush.  I have the rights back to it, but not to its cover art.  So, I can’t post it here on my own blog.

Be extra nice to her, okay?  Thanks.

Keep in mind that blogging reviewers are doing you a HUGE favor when they read and review your book…

…even if it’s a negative review.

At the very least, those reviewers are getting your book title, cover art, and buy links out there.

Because there’s one very important truth I learned as a reviewer and an author about reviews.

Wait for it.  You ready?  It’s an essential Pearl of Wisdom every author must know and hold close to her heart.

Ready?  Okay.

***A reader can’t buy your book if she doesn’t know it exists.***

Repeat that three times and get to work on your promo.