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I don’t play favorites when it comes to publishers of fiction, because of all the trends and such.  But, when it comes to backyard farming, Storey Publishing is my go-to source.  I have read so many of their books!aa27a325a99ff3bdc5733f2d8ea3c07f-600x0-c-default

Storey books always have concise information and excellent pictures, which is important for a visual thinker like me.


Another backyard farmer brought up an excellent point this past week.  Too few of our children and grandchildren possess the skills necessary to feed themselves without the use of a grocery store, cafeteria, or fast food restaurant.  They get the basics of plants and animal growth out of school textbooks, but that is not enough.  Our great-grandparents survived world wars, pandemics, and financial depressions because they did possess these skills.  No matter how hard we try to make the world a better place, things can get ugly.  Knowing how to garden and raise laying hens would mean a lot.

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