*This isn’t exactly the most appropriate book review for Easter Sunday, but we were so busy hunting eggs on the ol’ family homestead yesterday that I didn’t get it written.*


A couple of weeks ago, I traveled back in time to find new reading material.  Sorry, but the New Releases were getting seriously repetitive.  Especially where the poor heroes are concerned.  Not every girl wants Captain Studmuffin over and over and over again, rippling abs, billions in the bank account, and no sense of humor.  Once or twice is nice, but after that even riveting sex scenes get repetitive and, therefore, boring.

Okay, time to run with the wolves.

If it was just a werewolf book, again, boring.  But, Molly’s got the voice and the multidimensional characters.  It helps that the story’s also set in Alaska, which is freaking awesome because I lived there for a long time and I know.

Oh, holy hell, this guy was a werewolf.   (quote last line of Chapter One)

Tina’s been on the run for a while before she runs into the werewolf of her dreams.  She ran from an abusive marriage that was so complicated a restraining order and divorce just wasn’t enough.  She has help from a chick who’s part of a network to help hide people like her.  She spent four years working as a town doctor somewhere in the vast reaches of Alaska.  Since it was peopled with werewolves, they weren’t anxious to rat her out.  But, she eventually had to go because her lousy ex was still on her tail.

Tina’s working in a dinky little grocery store elsewhere in Alaska when she gets off early and winds up in a back alley shoot-up which results in her puddlehopping car burning up and what she recognizes as a shot-up werewolf.  She drags the supernatural mutt to safety and uses her medical expertise to clean him up.  Some time during the process, she falls asleep determined to escape to parts unknown because stuff like that is creepy.

However, Caleb, the werewolf, wraps her up in a lovey-hug while he’s still half-asleep and gives her a little nip of love in the process.  Fully awake, he assumes she doesn’t have a clue, but insists she rides with him so he can keep her safe.  Since she’s on the run anyway, bound for Anchorage, she goes along with him.

During the course of helping him collect people in his work as an unofficial bounty hunter, Tina grows quite attached to Caleb.  He’s in love with her and realizes she knows all about the wolfy thing.  They finally share secrets.  But, he falls more on the side of doing the job to get the money, whereas she’s more inclined to make value judgements and let people go.  What if she’s his next assignment?  What if he’s been paid to bring her in?  Would he have a problem with handing her over to her violent ex?  They both got serious trust issues.

Like I said the voice and the characters are great, pulling you into the story and making you believe.  The world-building of wolves in Alaska makes sense because, well, it’s a very big place.  Real people go there to hide all the time.  Jump out of a plane over that state and they’ll probably never find your body.

As you’d expect, Caleb is loyal and funny and Tina has a personality which engages you in the story.  The love scenes are believable and work with the love story.

Molly Harper has a huge book list and I’m only getting started on it.  I highly recommend you pop over and get started too.



She has two new books coming out this year, one in July and the other in November.




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