Susan Grant, An Enduring Author

cover-contactI went searching for one of my old reviews of a favorite book by Susan Grant.  The oldest one I could find was Contact.  I know there’s an older one, but I think it got lost when I changed blogs.  In any case, I posted the review of Contact in July of 2007!

That’s ten years!

My last child hadn’t even been born yet and now she’s big enough to steal my shoes and walk out the door in them.

So, I emailed my favorited authors from my book review blog and Susan was the first to respond.  The best thing I learned from communicating with those authors through that blog is that the best ones constantly work at getting even better.  Check out Susan’s massive backlist-     And she created it while also flying as a commercial airline pilot and raising two kids.  Awesome.


I found several of the authors have gone Indie and Susan is one of them.  Hey, they already know the ropes and have a bunch of readers who love their books!  I’m looking forward to reading their stories totally their way.

Pop over to Susan’s site to learn more about this Enduring Author.  Did you know she graduated the Air Force Academy and trained pilots to fly fighter jets?


Did you know her Indie Pub, The Champion of Baresh, is a Finalist for the Romance Writer of America’s Rita Award?  Well, go see, but first I asked Susan a couple of questions of my own and here they are with her answers.

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Me:   Do you have any New Releases out now or coming out this year?

Susan:   I will have one novel and one novella in the Star Series world. I hope to have more, but those are on the schedule. No release date for the novel but I’m writing it now, and the novella is part of a special project I’ll announce in my May newsletter. An October 2017 release. I’m feeling I want to stretch my wings, writing-wise, so I may write a surprise story next. We’ll see.

Me:   What have you been up to lately?  Any valuable new insight into the writing craft or authorly business you can share?<<
Susan:   I am working the day job while trying to write as fast and as well as I can. Loving the indie author life where I can call the shots. I recently did both a podcast and a video interview with Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula, and i have the link on my writing blog. It will catch you up with where I’m at…as of January.
So glad you got in touch. OK, back to writing!
And now I will share with you my 2007 review of Contact by Susan Grant, which won the Rita Award in 2003.  I’m using the new cover.  You can see the old one by clicking on the link below the review and going to the original post on Enduring Romance.
Besides great storytelling, Susan was the first Romance Genre author I’d encountered who wrote strong heroines *who were also mommies!*  I have always resented the implication that mommies can’t kick butt, because I’m a mommy and I know the maternal instinct is one of the most powerful forces in the galaxy.  It was such a delight to find Susan’s stories.
BONUS:    From Susan:  I don’t know if you realize, but when I rewrote/revised my books upon getting my rights back, for Contact I put in a reunion scene between Boo and Jordan. It was always a missing piece of the puzzle. ❤
Now, enter my Time Traveling machine and read on.
CONTACT by Susan Grant, a book review from July 2007
HOW TO LOSE AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL IN 10 DAYS is new on the bookshelves today, Blog Buddies. Since Lady Bronco reviewed the ARC on June 9th, I’m reviewing an older release, CONTACT, to celebrate this momentous occasion.


For me, the beauty of CONTACT is that it showcases all of Susan Grant’s strengths as a writer and it plays to what I like in a story too. It starts out behind the eyes of Jordan, a First Officer on a red-eyed flight from Honolulu to San Francisco. I know a little about this because I’m married to an airline pilot myself. Of course, my husband never tells me the scary stuff. He only tells me the funny stuff like having to chase bald eagles off the runway with the jet. Don’t worry – no eagles were hurt. We love our eagles. That’s why they’re as plentiful as pigeons here in Alaska. Oh, sorry, I’m digressing.

Susan expertly weaves Jordan’s thoughts of her daughter in and out of what she’s actually doing in the cockpit. This is very real. I used to be a nanny. I was trained to know this. Let me tell ya, there’s nothing sweeter than a high-powered attorney going all gushy over the phone with her baby! “Oh, my baby! Oh, baby!” Jordan is blessed with an excellent caregiver for her daughter – her own mother – and that enables her to stay focused on the job. This leads to another real-feeling aspect. The daughter senses things about her mother. Babies and young children are so in tune with their mothers that they do pick up on things. Experts say it’s a leftover biological function from the womb when Baby heard Mother’s every heartbeat, but I’ve seen it go beyond that. Human beings are spiritual beings, regardless of religious affiliation. Leave that dimension out of a story and you’re only meeting part of your reader’s needs.

So, the story kicks off with the Intimate Adventure of Jordan, airline pilot and single mom. What happens next would have really freaked me out a year ago, but I think I’m finally toughening up a bit. (Shh! Don’t tell my husband I said that or he’ll laugh his head off!) The plane gets hijacked, in a manner of speaking, and of course that’s what Jordan and everybody else on board thinks. The captain has a heart attack and croaks. Now, this part I love too – Jordan has to take over. I looove heroes or heroines who are a bit unsure of themselves, going along minding their own business, and BOOM! They get shot out of a cannon and have to deal or die.

The airplane actually gets picked up by a spaceship and taken right in whole. The command crew thinks they’re rescuing the humans. The humans think they’ve been abducted by Darth Vader. Jordan extends an inflatable escape slide from the aircraft and knocks the hero right on his butt. Oh, I loved that part! Shoom! Wham! I throw my head back and laugh haughtily into the rafters.

Of course, Jordan and company can’t stay on the aircraft long. Things are getting pretty stinky. Kao (the hero) tries diplomacy, but when that takes longer than expected his trigger-happy subordinate sedates all the humans. Jordan wakes up first and she’s not at all happy. A couple men die and all the pregnant moms miscarry because of the sedation. And she gets the news about Earth being destroyed.

No survivors. That includes her daughter.

Not exactly the best way for a guy to impress a girl he likes. But, Kao knows the pain of loss and he knows what it means to sacrifice self for a loved one. He’s real and worthy.

You’ll have to read the book if you want to know more. 😉 Before you do, you must swear the Enduring Romance oath first because this is an older release. Raise your right hand and repeat after me- “I (insert name here) do solemnly swear to always buy my favorite authors’ books new.” Congratulations! You’re now a member of the tribe.

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