My Favorite Doll Resources

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I’ve always loved dolls.  Up until recently, I collected angel dolls.  Now, I collect baby dolls.  The appeal is two-fold.  I have a very visual imagination, so the dolls are three-dimensional art to me.  Sculpture.  I love sculpture.


Now that my real babies are mostly bigger than me, baby dolls are sweet reminders of those joyous days when I held my real babies in my arms.  I have one baby doll of my very own.


She looks like my eldest daughter as a baby.


She cheers me up just looking at her.  Also, she’s weighted and feels like a real baby when I hold her too.



I find myself searching for dolls which resemble the babies in my stories too.  I always have babies in my stories.  In case you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of a baby fanatic.  Get used to it.



So anyway, I’ve been musing over the next book in the Vintage Heart series which is centered on Bobby, the most important secondary character in A Vintage Heart in Hollywood.  It’s called Bobby Ever After.  He has two sons from previous relationships and falls in love with Rachel who has a daughter from her failed first marriage.  I couldn’t help but wonder what their baby together would look like.


I named her Masako after the Crown Princess of Japan.  Bobby is Japanese American.

This is the doll my third born daughter has picked out for her birthday present.  I think JC Toys has the best quality baby dolls for children under eight.


I bought this doll for my mother.  It’s a high quality doll, but much more durable than Ashton Drake dolls.  I chose it for her because she has small great-grandchildren who0510-2 want to play with her dolls.



ToddlerTime Dolls


Now, I need to find the perfect doll for my second born daughter’s birthday.  She wants an Ashton Drake, but otherwise a surprise.  I like surprises too.

I like to restore dolls and give them away.  You can find lots of resources on how to restore dolls on YouTube, like this one on fixing their hair.


Finally, if you want to buy a new doll, you’ll see that they’re quite expensive.  They’re also three-dimensional, so the actual doll looks different than what you see in the two-dimensional picture.  For these reasons, I strongly suggest that you watch all the YouTube videos that you can on the doll you want.  Here’s one which helped me decide to buy my Evangeline-