The Less-Than-Romantic Romance Novel Hero


This is Liam Neeson who is not at all unromantic, but whose photograph is here to represent the ideal.   More on that later.

I’m sorry if this comes off as a rant.  I’ve hit a reading slump when it comes to the Romance genre.  I keep running into books with wonderful heroines.

And boring heroes.


This is James Stewart who is also not unromantic.  Definitely what I call a Classic Hottie.


The thing is they hit all the beats for a Romance Novel Hero, but they don’t feel real.  The sex is just sex, no matter how graphically it’s written.  Not good enough, dang it.  Big Hint:   If the Hero bores me anyway, I’m not going to keep reading long enough to get to that part anyway.

Check this out.  Over 35% of Romance Genre readers have been reading in the Romance Genre for over twenty years.


Babe, that’s two decades.  Almost as long as I’ve been married.  Do you realize what this means?  Drum roll, please.

A significant percentage of Romance Genre Readers have lived long enough to know a lot of Real Men in Real Life.  I mean, a lot.  We know a fake when we see it.

And we’re not easily impressed.


Did you ever wonder why James Stewart has so many kids in It’s a Wonderful Life?  Because he was so romantic she forgot how to count.  That’s how.

My husband says all the heroes who appeal to me are just glorifications of him.

Guess what?  He’s right.  They’re always tall, boyishly handsome, and good with babies.  Well, like I always say, the best part of the Romance Genre is in restoring our faith in fairytales.  Without faith, there is no love in real life.


I’m also bad at math.  We have four children.  They’re massive.

So, please, if you have anything to do with putting out Romance novels, pay special attention to the heroes, ‘kay?  Thanks.