Not a Regency Chick

I have a confession to make.  Never got into Jane Austin or any of those Regency chicks, despite my love of history.  Sorry.


Unless Emma Thompson was involved.  Ah, but who cares how you came to the Romance genre, right?  So long as you’re here. 😉


I grew up on Star Trek, so I got into the Romance genre with the likes of Linnea Sinclair.  Now, there’s some hero material in those books.

This one’s my favorite with my favorite hero.


  1. annabowling says:

    Not a Regency Chick here, either. Austen is okay, but I’m not gaga over her work, though I do have that version of Sense and Sensibility in my DVD collection, myself.

    I also grew up on Star Trek, and I’ve heard good things about Linnea Sinclair. Where would you recommend starting?


  2. Kimber Li says:

    Hi, Anna! For Linnea, I suggest starting with the book I linked to in the post. My second favorite book of hers is DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES. Also, I highly recommend Susan Grant for SFR. My favorites of hers are THE STAR KING and CONTACT. Here’s the link-

    So glad you could stop in today!


    1. annabowling says:

      Thanks, Kimber. Will definitely look into Games of Command. I do have fond memories of Susan Grant’s Once a Pirate, and may have to explore further


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