Promo Research, Being a Newbie, and Blogging Book Reviewers

I’m told Promo sends newbie authors running and screaming into the night.  If you’re one of those, my best piece of advice is to start your own Book Review Blog.  That is what I did years ago at


Among the many benefits of doing so, like free ARCs and sharpening your writing skills by reading those of the best, you learn all about Promo and it will no longer scare you.  That is the path I took, other authors find other ways.

So, I finished and polished a novel and its off in Queryland somewhere.  I turn my attention to writing two more, because I’ve learned I do best when I have two going at once.  But, I also turn my attention to Promo just in case the one in Queryland snags a publisher.  This kind of research must be done regularly, because Promo opportunities change fast.  I was out of it for family and physical problems for, like, four years, I come back and Holy Cow!  There are blog tour companies doing everything I used to do all by my little self!

Very cool.

So, I suggest, after you start your book review blog, sign up for as a Blog Host.  It’s a great way to get into the groove fast.  😉


I’m with two right now, Lola and Prism.

Tour Host Button

Here are a couple more great ones-

Tasty Book Tours-

Xpresso Book Tours-

There are a bunch more.  I suggest choosing one or two which promotes the kind of books you enjoy reading as well as ones similar to what you write.

Throughout your adventures in the Blogosphere, you will encounter many wonderful book review blogs.  I’m still friends with several and they’re authors now too.  Make a list of these wonderful people and swap advice and encouragement.


There are also big book review blogs, like these ones-

You can’t do everything, or you’ll fry your poor hands on the keyboard and you need them for writing novels.  Personally, I’ve found the most traction on Twitter and Goodreads, but I think all writers should have a Facebook Page and personal site too.  This blog doubles as my personal site, which is why I have a domain name.  Buy your domain and get an email address that reflects it.  At this point, I’m still just with regular service.  Once I pub again, I’ll get an email addy which teams with my domain.

Anyway, get out there.  It’s really not that hard, if you keep plugging away.  One of the many things I learned as a blogging book reviewer is that the best authors never stopped trying to improve their skills.



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  1. Tia Nevitt says:

    Hi, Kim, and thanks so much for the mention. I have not been online much due to some back trouble that makes sitting difficult.

    Cool that you’re getting back into book reviewing. I just can’t make that kind of commitment anymore. Even though I still occasionally do book reviews, it is with books I buy myself or the occasional ARC that some publishers still send me. (And then when I do a review, I get a spate of new books in the mail.) I’m interested to see how it goes for you. You may find that you get most of your replies on Facebook or Twitter.


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