Broken Radio & Jigsaw Puzzles

813dhnmqlflThat’s my imagination.  Used to frazzle me, but I am okay with it now.

I’ve learned I’m just not happy if I don’t have a bunch of creative projects going at once.  Not sure why.  Each of our brains work in a different way.

At the moment, I am juggling:



  1. Updating my online presence, which has included finally figuring out how to fix my sidebar widgets.
  2. Researching Promo, which has included signing up as a host for a second book blogging company, Prism Tours.
  3. Preparing my previously ePublished novels for Indie Pub, which includes outlet, cover art, and promo.
  4. Doll collecting and donating.
  5. Spring Cleaning my chicken coop.
  6. Resume writing An American Elf.
  7. Jotting down ideas as they come in for other stories, like Bobby Ever After the next book in the A Vintage Heart fictional universe.  At this point, I’ve got that it’s mostly set on a film location in Alaska and the Heroine is plus-size with long, naturally curly brown hair.
  8. Planning our summer camping adventures.  We’re getting a new-to-us RV, so we’ll have a real bed and our own potty!0301811001

I think that’s it.  Only seven things.  No, wait.  Eight things.  The list grows and shrinks every day.  I’ve learned to ride it out.  The trick of it is setting priorities and sticking to schedules.  Raising children taught me that.


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