Okay, I’m Back

john_william_waterhouse_-_mermaidA final polish always leaves me feeling like a squished bug.  Ug.  This is a beautiful mermaid by Waterhouse.  I like her better.

It’s such a relief to switch story structures from the Romance Genre standard to the Monomyth.  I chafe at any kind of structure, but I need it.  So, I deal.  This is another reason why I like to work on two stories, two very different kinds of stories, at the same time.

Not that A Vintage Heart in Hollywood is a standard Romance Genre novel.  I tried.  I tried really hard.  But, Jack, the hero, insisted on telling the whole story himself.  He came bounding in like an overeager Labrador and just would not shut the heck up.  The Romance Genre standard *right now* is to tell the story from both the Hero and Heroine points of view, switching POV each chapter.  (((sigh)))  So, I knew that’d make the story a tough sell right out of the gate.  I gave the Heroine her own Prologue and Epilogue like two bookends for the story, but Jack tells the whole story himself.  Gave me a chance to really dig deep into his character.  I’d never told a story from the male point of view before.  That I can remember.  Anyway…

So, now I’m back with An American Elf and it is so much fun.  This is my first novel written from First Person POV.  And I love the Heroine’s voice.  She is hilarious for to me write, probably because she is so very different from me.  Like I said, I’m telling this one, basically, in the Monomyth structure.  Here’s a run-down on that- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hero’s_journey

There are new freedoms.  Yah!  And new restrictions.  Grrr…  But, it’s a change and that is very welcome.

Besides this Fantasy/Time Travel tale, I’ll also be working on my online presence and researching promotional options and deciding if I have enough passion left to Indie Pub The Newblood and the Ice Princess. 

Better get on that.