Ever Greater Efficiency


Auto-crit.  Auto-crit!  My kingdom for auto-crit!

Sorry, I just finished the final crawling polish through A Vintage Heart.

And then I discover https://www.autocrit.com/  !!!!!!!!

Yeah, I know all those exclamation marks are naughty.

Years ago, I ran a book review blog called Enduring Romance.  http://enduringromance.blogspot.com/

One thing I learned from reviewing and interacting with authors and such was that the best were constantly trying to improve their skills and bring on their A-Game.  So, that’s what I do now.

I am so glad I don’t need to deal with A Vintage Heart again for a while, because I feel like a squished bug in its regard.  I can now evaluate my writing, revising, and editing skills and get back on An American Elf.  And update my online presence.

It has been exactly a year since I started writing  A Vintage Heart.  A year!  I gotta do better than that.  My goal is two novels a year.  And one thing I’ve learned is my revision and editing process eats up tons of time.  Part of that is due to being out of it for about three years.  Still…I gotta come up with a better, more efficient plan for getting the job done.

Okay, back to recovering from my ‘squished-bug’ feeling.