Writing When You Don’t Want To

Trying to finish the final crawl on A Vintage Heart so I can kick it out the door, once and for all. Writing, revising, editing when you’d rather be getting a root canal is hard.  But, so is childbirth.  In fact, it’s a lot harder and there’s a lot more pushing and screaming, trust me….

Twitter Treats

This one makes me think Spring! This one isn’t actually a Twitter find.  I stumbled on it elsewhere, but what the heck.  

Queen Elizabeth II on the Throne

Queen Elizabeth II ascended the English Throne 65 years ago today.  https://www.royal.uk/ A working knowledge of the British Monarchy is the backbone to understanding our own history.  Most Americans make the impatient mistake of lumping them in with other celebrities.  But, how many actors do you know who can trace their ancestry back a thousand…

Lauren Bacall’s Hair

I need a haircut.  I always want this one. And I don’t want to talk about what I actually end up with.  Nobody delivered a line like Lauren Bacall.  Except maybe Whoopi Goldberg.  They’re nothing alike, but both ladies can deliver a line like nobody’s business.