For this site, the main task is deciding on the posting schedule.

As for my writing, I just finished polishing the Suspense Elements for revisions on A Vintage Heart.  Right now, I’m taking time off to clear my mind of the story images, because they make it very difficult for me to see the words for themselves.  Once I feel confident about that, I’ll start the final crawl through the manuscript.  Don’t know how long that will take.  A week?  Maybe two?  Anyway, when done, that story’s out the door.  Again.  And I can focus on the next stories.

I always work on two stories at once, so that if one overwhelms me I can switch to the other and keep writing.  I know I want to do An American Elf.  Not sure about the other one.

Lastly, I’m working on The Resurrected Stork, which is my effort to restore quality dolls and teddy bears for charitable donation.  At this point, I don’t see the need to form a non-profit.  It’s just me doing this.  I’ll be donating to existing charities.