Characters Without Stories

They’re like lost puppies, poor things.  Ever once in a while, I’ll accidentally create one and then he’ll just sit there, waiting.

For example, I created a really great character to play Bianca’s leading man in An American Elf.  But, he didn’t turn out to be a good counterpoint for her.  So, Brandr got the job and Liam (placeholder name, poor guy) got benched.  In retrospect, I think he just needs his own story.

My very visual imagination is like a huge warehouse crammed with little bits and pieces of stories and settings and these poor storyless characters who can only take a number and step aside.

Sorry, I will get to you one day, promise.

Last time Liam snagged my attention away from my present projects, he wanted to be a vampire.  And I was like, “No, freakin’ way.  I ain’t doin’ stinkin’ blood-suckin’ dead guys again!”  But, I should note that my characters always win arguments like that.  So, we’ll see.

Okay, back to revisions on A Vintage Heart. 

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