Saint Monica and a Mother’s Love

800px-saint_augustine_and_saint_monicaI’m not Catholic.  Let’s just put that up front.  I do believe humans are spiritual beings and that it often manifests in organized religion and I respect that.  Oftentimes, the history of a religion is a huge part of the history of a people and their culture.

Robin, the heroine of A Vintage Heart in Hollywood is a devout Catholic.  So, when the hero, Jack, learns his mother has just had a stroke, Robin sends him her grandmother’s prayer beads and Saint Monica medal.  To her, Saint Monica represents a mother’s love.  Of course, she can’t tell the hero any of this or even that she is the one who sent them.  Because she is still married to another man.


Saint Monica was the mother of Saint Augustine and her story is riveting really.  History is the best story, I think.  Way more than the facts and numbers involved with only the most famous movers and shakers.

I found the prayer beads and medal at this link-

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