Twitter Tantrum

1216-9780373650972-bigwI found the Special Edition covers in this post by myself.  They’re not included in the Tantrum. 😉

Maybe I missed something, but I did not find any spectacular new book covers on Twitter this week.  Sorry.  Yes, I’m pouting.  Maybe authors and their associates are just too dang busy this time of year.  Still, you know, people are doing a lot of shopping right now.  Seems to me they’d make an extra effort to put their book covers on Twitter, since, you know, that’s where a lot of us go looking.

In fact, my Twittering is almost entirely dedicated to just book-related stuff.  I’m linked to a few vintage-related accounts and Chef John over at Food Wishes.  I unfollowed and even blocked other accounts after they Tweeted political-related stuff.  Honestly, I have to look at enough of that elsewhere.  On Twitter, I’m all books all the time.

Anyway, I went looking elsewhere for beautiful book covers and didn’t find much.

There’s this one publisher that I swear all their stories must be dark and graphically sexy, because that’s what all their covers are like.  They say they’re not, but that’s what it looks like to me.  And I am so sick of dark and graphically sexy Alpha Males and Kick-Butt heroines, I could puke.  Yes, I know some readers just really like a certain kind of books.  But, I love a good buffet.

1216-9780373650958-bigwMy favorite covers tends to be the Historicals, maybe because the picture on the front tells a little bit of the story.  I don’t read Erotic Romance anyway, but have you noticed how all the covers have naked guys on them?  Uh, yeah, whatever, boring.


So, I went looking for some covers and found a couple of beauties on Special Edition, which is my favorite line at Harlequin next to the Historical and Love Inspired Historicals.  Those latter two have great covers right now, by the way, it’s just I’ve already featured them.  Here’s the Special Edition link-

P.S. I read one of the books from this Special Edition series and it was wonderful.  Can’t wait to get the Christmas special.

Okay, tantrum over.  I’ll let myself out of the Time-Out Chair now.