The Hero in Disguise

Like Zorro, the hero in An American Elf lives a double-life, hiding his true identity, his true species.  This is an Alternate Timeline story in which elves are virtually extinct and Brandr (the hero) has hidden among humans for hundreds of years.  Now, he’s encountered his time traveling wife again, but she doesn’t know him….

It’s a Wonderful Life

This is one of my favorites and I’ve seen the story idea recycled many times. Also, James Stewart is what I call a Classic Hottie. I’m sure it’ll be on T.V., the Blu-Ray will be in stories, you can check it out at the library, etc…  But, here’s a link to a scene-  

Sewing Christmas Nightgowns

I only hope my sewing machine is up to the task.  It’s kinda wimpy.  But, that doesn’t upset me like realizing my youngest child can probably fit into an adult size now!  My daughters want matching nightgowns for Christmas with ribbons and ruffles.  I was thinking something like this, but with purchased leggings and no…

Twitter Treats

Time Travel, a Highlander, and Fae Pixies!  I am so totally there.  And also, here is a gorgeous Historical Romance. And you know how I feel about Christmas. 🙂

Crazy Christmas Person

Yep, that’s me.  A couple of years ago, I put my tree up before Halloween.  A man walked by our house and saw me decorating and laughed and laughed.  Awesome. Why am I a crazy Christmas person?  Well, I don’t have any happy Christmas memories from childhood.  It’s true.  I grew up in a broken…