Star Trek ‘The Cloud Minders’

5161yhkbqgl__sy445_Like The Twilight Zone, the original Star Trek was limited by the technology, the time, and budget of the day.  I happen to think that it’s often the constraints on a storyteller which leads to great stories.  She’s forced to stretch her imagination.

I urge you to watch the episode ‘The Cloud Minders.’  Besides the interesting social comment, the costumes tell their own story.  The most beautiful, of course, is the pampered Droxine.  Though wealthy and sheltered, she is not a spoiled brat.  Just naïve.  Her costume reflects it and is the most amazing one in that fictional universe.  Although revealing, it’s not what you’d call slutty.  Because she is a virginal princess, in effect.  The costume reflects that.  She’s curious, but does have some preconceived ideas taught her by her elders.  This is why she’s drawn to Spock.  She wants to learn more beyond her world and senses that he knows.

Here is a link to the episode preview-

I speculate that several of Padme’s costumes in Star Wars Attack of the Clones were inspired by Droxine.  The fact is I watched the documentary on how they made this film a bazillion times more than the film itself, which I think was a great story not well told.  Anyway, the costumes were brilliant, but not always accurate in their storytelling.  Like, why would Anakin wear several layers of wool and a long wool cape on a day when Padme is wearing next to nothing?  Wouldn’t he be dying of heatstroke?  But, the most disappointing was the gorgeous cape-dress she wore on Tatooine.  It was my personal favorite for that movie.  But, she was supposed to be in disguise and she’d been to the planet before.  The character would have known to dress more appropriately.  Anyway…


Costumes tell a story by themselves.  I miss that detail in my own stories a lot, simply because I’m overwhelmed by the image and forget that the reader can’t ‘see’ it by the words alone.