Elves Gone Nutty

Sorry, couldn’t think of a better title.


‘Meadow Elves’ by Nils Blommer

Anyway, I’ve been pondering An American Elf, it’s Theme, genre, subgenre, basic structure, that kind of thing.  Gotta nail the Theme before anything else work though.  I’ve been thinking it’s Urban Fantasy, but it’s first in a Time Travel series.  So, I’d call it Historical Fantasy.  It’s a Paranormal Romance, but more swashbuckling than the dark and broody fare you’ll typically find under that heading.  For now, I think I’d better just stick with the Time Travel label.

With elves.

It occurred to me yesterday that it will become obvious about half way through that the Hero is unhinged.  That is, he’s losing his mind, not exactly in the human sense.  But, he’s insane, and the Heroine won’t realize this until after she’s fallen in love with him.  So, then I’m reminded of what it’s like for families with loved ones who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s and such.  True love means holding to that ‘In sickness and in health’ clause.  The Heroine can’t just throw up her hands and say, “Well, goshdarnit, you’re a really hot elf, but this isn’t the gig I signed up for.  Buh-bye.”

That is going to be so hard to write.

Awesome.  🙂

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