Sick Leave

Sorry, no new chapter for The Finding of the Ice Princess today.  The last remnants of a week-long headache are clinging to the back of my skull like barnacles from hell.  I don’t want to do anything to discourage their departure.  Sitting at the computer for an extended period could do that.

In other news, I’m finding it very challenging to revise A Vintage Heart in Hollywood as requested by an editor.  The trouble of it is I think in pictures.  I have an extremely visual imagination.  Right now, I’m so overwhelmed by the vividness of the story in my own mind that I’m finding it impossible to *see* the story as the reader would by the words I’ve written down.  That makes it darn-near impossible to effectively revise and edit.  The good news, I’m not the first author this has happened to.  So, I know the thing to do is step away from the story for a month or two, get away from the genre, give my imagination time to settle down.  Then, I can come back fresh and objective.

Right after I came to this conclusion, I realized this meant I can write on one of my other stories.  Squeeee!  I feel much better now.  I missed An American Elf.  Bianca is so much fun to write for.  She’s freakin’ nuts.

Also, I need to reread and read novels written well in the areas in which I am weak.  It’s kind of a writerly way to revv up my skill engine.  The trouble of it is I’m always wanting to learn something new, but that can take more focus than I was born with.  So, I gotta work on that too.  I have such a cluttered, visual imagination.  I’m telling you it’s a mess in there.