The Draw of the Wild West


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Thursdays and Fridays are my Indie Pub days on the writing schedule, while the rest of the week is devoted to A Vintage Heart.  These are both revision projects, which means I get to create new story just a little bit here and there and the rest is work, work, work.

Makes me miss Angel & the Cityboy.  For my unwriterly friends, I miss characters from other stories like I do old friends sometimes.  It’s a weird writerly thing.

But, I can’t let myself go reread that Western Romance novella.  Two publishers have the Full right now.  I need to keep my brain away from it, just in case I get a revision request for it.

I could start writing Molly’s Brave Summer which the Historical backstory for Angel & the Cityboy, but that would throw off my focus with the two revision projects.

So, I just gotta tough it out.  It’s for the best, you know.  I’ll console myself by reading someone else’s really great Western Romance, maybe even a Christmas one.  Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

Hang in there, Buds.  Tomorrow’s Friday.