Actors Who Helped Save the World

alecI always maintain there are good people everywhere.  I know that’s hard to remember when we see celebrities behaving badly in our modern culture.  But, there are good people among them too, like LeVar Burton who continues to help kids years after retiring from Reading Rainbow.  This is in addition to starring in the first film version of Roots and inspiring future scientists as Geordi LeForge on Star Trek The Next Generation.

There are many who also served in World War II, who were members of what Tom Brokaw called The Greatest Generation

51t9ijqmntl__sx314_bo1204203200_Check out this article on the History Channel’s website-

Elvis Presley also served, though not in war.  Do you know any present day celebrities who are veterans?   Check it out.


Of course, it wasn’t just actors, other entertainment professionals served too, like Gene Roddenberry.