What Characters Look Like

john_william_waterhouse_-_mermaidI think in pictures, so this is usually easy for me.  However, there have been major secondary characters who’ve gone through complete novel series of mine and I still have no idea what they look like beyond maybe hair color.  Pardon me while I hang my head in shame.

*This mermaid painting was created by one of my favorite artists, John William Waterhouse.  I have no mermaid stories.  Yet.*

I remember watching an interview with several actors.  I’d seen these people in many movies and television shows.  No big deal.  Needed something to do while cleaning the living room.  Then, one of the actor’s makes an expression I’d never seen before and I’m, like, holy cow!  That’s it!

You just never know what’ll set a writer off.

One thing, I never make my characters too beautiful, unless it’s required by the plot.

Washerboard abs are nice, but they fade with age and inactivity.

A sense of humor is more sexy because it’s forever.  😉

P.S. This topic has been permanently switched with Friday’s topic, so that I can begin posting my serial short story on Fridays.

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